Like a breeze coming in from the ocean, these sessions help to clear the fog, to support your integrity, nourish your spirit and promote your whole self healing. Qi Healing Bodywork is about bringing you back into the full aliveness of your being. 

I approach these sessions with a degree of wonder and openness - each as a unique response to what you may need in that moment. I believe that the physical and emotional bodies are inseparable, meaning that it is possible to address emotional issues from the physical and vice versa. Ailments stem out of a lack of energetic flow, whether it's a physical obstruction of tissue or emotions that are bound. I seek to aid the body in opening, allowing stuck energy to re-enliven and move. These sessions are founded on the belief of the body's inherent wisdom to heal itself.

I rely on a few therapeutic modalities, the most prominent being Qigong Tuina and Qi Nei Zang, as well as sound healing, flower and gemstone essences. My main tool in this work is the irreplaceable ancient technology of human hands and therapeutic touch.


In this fast-paced, high-stress world, Qi Healing Bodywork offers a deeply relaxing and restorative experience. It is excellent for chronic and acute pain management, chronic digestive issues, emotional imbalances, releasing stress and trauma, re-patterning the way the body holds itself and its energy patterning, and general wellness. 


Grounded in the principles of Chinese medicine, Qigong Tuina seeks to create space in the body's tissues and joints through a process of opening and releasing. With soft, listening hands, Qigong Tuina allows for an effortless unfolding in the body which signals to the body its innate ability to heal. When the tissues and meridians of the body are open, Qi can flow more easily and healing is possible.

Unlike traditional Tuina, Qigong Tuina is an intuitively gentle, yet profound modality which taps into the expansion-contraction movement of Qi in the body. Like Craniosacral Therapy and other subtle osteopathic techniques, Qigong Tuina works with the rhythms of the body, with the wish of moving in the direction of ease, not against the body. If you have experienced Craniosacral Therapy, you may find it very similar to this. Unlike CST, Qigong Tuina addresses the body through the lens of Chinese medicine.


Qi Nei Zang (commonly spelled Chi Nei Tsang) is a technique that literally translates to "Vital Energy of the Internal Organs." Qi Nei Zang is Chinese medicine organ massage that works on first opening the pathways for detoxification so that stagnant energy has a chance to move through and out of the body. It then works with the internal organs to release tension and stuck emotions in the abdomen, while also improving motility of the tissues and the flow of Qi through the system.


Did you know that each organ has a dance? Visceral Manipulation also works with the organs by listening and following their natural movements. It frees restrictions in the organs and the fascial lines connected to them.


In Chinese medicine, while the organs may have something to do with the physical organ, the five organs are affiliated with the five phase-elements. They are considered energetic processes in the body, alive, moving and the forces that keep our bodies in a state of living balance. If one organ is not able to function properly, it affects the whole body. Chinese medicine is a medicine of resonance and correspondences. Like playing a note on a guitar that then vibrates a drum head, or the opera singer who sings a note that shatters a glass, Chinese medicine began its development thousands of years ago with the understanding of resonance in nature. One system that grew out of this was five element theory, which ascribes different attributes to each organ. The theory works in understanding the cycles of life itself, through the generating cycle, as well as how pathology can occur in nature and in our bodies. Qi Healing Bodywork works towards harmonizing these interwoven movements of the body.


All sessions are fully clothed. Please wear something comfortable and loose, as some of the work with be directly done on the skin. Come well-hydrated with a light stomach.


Sessions are 60 minutes long, with a brief check-in at the beginning and end of each session. 

When you arrive, I will receive you in the lobby and welcome you into the practice space. There we will sit and go over the intake together, spending time to learn about you and your wishes for the session. Then you will spend the remainder of the time on the table.

Sessions usually begin with mindfulness, to start dropping into your body. During the session, you will be invited to rest and relax, to breathe into your body or to simply notice what happens in your body as we work together. Since these sessions can be deeply relaxing or bring up strong emotions, I recommend factoring in time to wake up afterwards and to drink a lot of water. 

This is non-traditional bodywork, often just focusing on a few areas of the body and not using any oil. Touch may be light and soothing because we are working with the nervous system and myofascial network of the body, which can be quite different than working directly with muscles.

For a more Swedish or Deep Tissue style massage, I am happy to send you a few recommendations.