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When did your last menses begin?
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It is my choice to receive massage therapy. I am aware of the benefits and risks of massage and give my consent for massage. I understand that there is no implied or stated guarantee of success of effectiveness of individual techniques or series of appointments. I have stated all medical conditions that I am aware of and will inform my practitioner of any changes in my health status. I understand that this modality is not a replacement for medical care and that the practitioner does not diagnose medical illness, disease or other physical or mental conditions unless specified under his/her professional scope of practice. As such, the practitioner does not prescribe medical treatment of pharmaceuticals, nor do they perform spinal manipulations. The practitioner may recommend referral to a qualified health care professional for any physical or emotional conditions I may have. I have stated all my known conditions and take it upon myself to keep the therapist/practitioner updated on my health. Confidentiality of medical and personal information obtained during the course of the practitioner’s work is of the utmost importance. HIPAA regulations require all practitioners obtain a signed release form from their client before taking any in- formation about them. The best way to be fully compliant is to obtain this release signature at the initial consultation. Clients should receive a copy of the form they signed (upon request), and the practitioner maintains a copy for their records I, (CLIENT), give my permission, for my practitioner to take notes including health history/medical and/or personal information I choose to disclose to him/her. I understand this information may be used for the purpose of practitioner certification and/or may be shared with the Arvigo Institute, LLC for statistical data collection only. All relevant identifying information will not be disclosed, such as name, address, social security number, date of birth.
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