Accidents can be devastating and at the very least inconvenient. However great the impact of your accident, there is no doubt that it will be physically and/or emotionally taxing on some level. Bodywork is a way to aid the body in healing after a trauma, as well as soothing one's internal state.

I know accidents well. In fact, it was an accident that brought me to this path of healing, which I am forever grateful for. I also know that I couldn't have healed from that time if it were not for my amazing team of practitioners who held me with their compassion and expertise. You are not alone, we are here to help you.


The way that I work with the body is informed by the great practitioners that I have had the honor of learning and receiving from. I am grateful to my mentors and teachers that have taught me the importance of soft, present hands,  of the principle of less-is-more, of opening to spirit, and many other lessons that form the foundation of my work. 

The kind of medical massage that I provide is oriented towards longer lasting relief of symptoms, as well as being a trauma-informed approach to healing. I combine subtler methods of massage, working to ease restraints in the connective tissue and energy pathways. I also employ sound healing, stone medicine, flowers and herbs into my sessions. I welcome all of you into the room, offering a supportive and peaceful healing environment, providing work that is effective and unique.

This is non-traditional bodywork, often just focusing on a few areas of the body and not using any oil. Touch may be light and soothing because we are working with the nervous system and myofascial network of the body, which can be quite different than working directly with muscles.

For a more Swedish or Deep Tissue style massage, I am happy to send you a few recommendations.


As we've learned, the body that has experienced trauma can easily succumb to a "frozen" state, meaning that the body never had a chance to "shake off" the trauma, and therefore is storing it in the tissues. This is sometimes referred to as "muscle memory." Medical massage can help to start melting this state of freeze by providing a safe space for the body to unwind, and therefore release trauma and held patterns.

Medical massage eases pain and tension of strains and sprains, speeds recovery, and lessen the chances of long term chronic pain. It can aid sleep and soothe the emotions that may come up after an accident, reducing stress. Additionally, medical massage improves circulation, lessens inflammation and swelling, while increasing range of motion.


All sessions are 60 minutes long, including the initial session. You will need to have a referral from a doctor, as well as your the name of your insurance company, claim number and the contact information for your claim adjustor.

When you arrive, I will receive you in the lobby and welcome you into the practice space. There we will sit and go over the intake together, spending time hearing your story and your wishes for the session. Then you will spend the remainder of the time on the table. Sessions usually begin with a visualization or breathing exercise, to start dropping into your body. During the session, you may be contacted by my hands over the sheet or directly on the skin - with your consent. Since these sessions can be deeply relaxing or bring up strong emotions, I recommend factoring in time to wake up afterwards and to drink a lot of water.